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SummerSeries Play and Rules​

SummerSeries is redesigning how we compete in golf leagues. It allows you to enjoy the competition at your own preferred course with your preferred group. Members compete in a regular season competition for a chance to qualify for an in-person playoff event at a designated course and time. The regular season will consist of five competitive rounds spaced out over ten weeks.


How does it work?

The rules are simple; 1.) Play any course (other than executive courses) with at least (1) other league member over the designated two-week span; 2.) Confirm tee-time, league members, and course with league management prior to round; 3.) After the round is completed, other league member must attest to your final round and signed score cards must be sent to league management within 6 hours after tee time.

How many rounds can I Play?

There is only one competitive scoring round every two weeks. We require prior approval of round by league management as we do not want members to play multiple times each week and only count best score. We want to create the simulated pressure environment of a live golf tournament.

Can I play with non-league members?

Absolutely! We encourage you to play with your friends and keep it fun before the playoffs. We only require you to play with one other member to validate your score!


What happens if all other league members have played?

If you are playing your competitive round with a league member who already submitted their competitive score that is okay! The other league member is only there to validate your score and they will not be able to resubmit a lower score for the week.

What if league friends play and sandbag/cheat strokes?

Just like any other golf club or golf league, cheaters are something to worry about. We could go on about cheaters for awhile and we will, but first we want you to consider a little catch 22 of our league. 

Consider this: If you submit scores that are lower than your actual score or skill level, your handicap will drop. When you get to playoffs and handicaps are diluted to 75%, your chances of winning with a handicap that is lower than your actual ability is going to be pretty tough. Now the contrary. If you sandbag scores, you run a serious risk of not scoring enough points to make playoffs in the first place. Then, the risk you took to gain an extra stroke or two on your handicap is diluted in playoffs anyway. Is that even worth the risk?


Truthfully, the best thing for everyone is to play your game and be true to your scores.  


Cheaters is the reason we require you to play with at least one other league member to validate your score. Furthermore, we use a function that highlights variation in scores based off of your handicap. During playoffs, league management will be monitoring all playoff members and analyze whether sandbagging or cheating has occurred during regular season. If suspected, each player this season will be granted one warning. If suspected a second time, this will result in an immediate and indefinite ban from SummerSeries. Not only will that player be banned but any player who attested to that player's score during the season risks being banned as well. Be responsible.​​

Can I register late?

Yes! We want to encourage people to gather as much interest for the league as possible. We will have the league open all season long. We will allow for late entrants through week 4 (competitive round 2) to record scores for Rounds 1 and 2. What does this mean?  We will be manually adjusting scoring for the first two weeks until we close registration. After Round 2 is finalized, all new entrants will be scoring points from the week they joined onward. 

How will you record initial handicap?

All players must submit their estimated average score. We will determine handicaps based on submitted scores. Handicaps will be adjusted during the season and will be taken into consideration in upcoming seasons.


How much will I pay?

There is no league fee for our regular season. Our primary focus is creating a league and community that we can all enjoy. However, considering that the format is still TBD, we may charge an entry fee for playoffs. Unfortunately, hosting a playoff event will require some cash flow. We also like to include giveaways and other cool prizes. This is a topic we would like your opinions on during the regular season. 




No executive courses. Par 70+

Regular season played with handicaps. (done on our end)


We will allow for one mulligan per 9, does not stack, mulligans must be taken from the tee box. After mulligan are expired, drop = +1.


Handicap only used/calculated for matches played within SSGL.

Handicap used throughout the season. (Course Rating, Course Slope, Your Score) Handicaps capped at 18.


Max score per hole are snowmen (8)

Balls can be moved off ground under repair and/or unplayable balls in fairway due to rain collection or other similar hazards



Points System


Last place receives two points. From there up, every person you beat will award you two additional points​

Handicap Adjustments

At the end of each round, you handicaps are subtracted from your score. As the season goes on, all of your submitted scores are entered into a database and will more accurately represent your ability.

How your final score is calculated behind the scenes

Handicap Index * (Slope Rating / 113) + (Course Rating - Par) = Final Handicap​


Pine Barrens. Date TBD. ​

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